Top places to visit in Portage la Prairie

Though the city is too small as compared to other attractions still it is a place worth visiting. There are many attractions which will not only make the tourist speechless but will also allow them to enjoy to the fullest. The number of attractions here sometimes makes the choice difficult for the visitors. To enjoy it is advised to travel completely through this city to make sure that nothing is missed.  Each and every attraction here is completely furnished by the government so nothing remains out of range. If you want to see the largest Coca-Cola can in the world then Portage la Prairie is the best place for that.  Some of the best places to visit at Portage la Prairie are mentioned as under:

Island Park and Crescent Lake

It is the first and foremost place which should be visited once a person plans to visit Portage la Prairie. Full of facilities this park attracts people from all over North America. There is not a single place at the venue which has not been utilized. People can enjoy tennis, swimming and golf or if you are gaming player, you can easily have fun using NBSO online casino web guide, without troubling yourself to go to the gambling house (quiconque préfère les sites francophones trouvera ici des informations sur le casino en ligne en français). It is also one of the largest attractions of the city. Adjacent to this island is Island of Lights and Crescent Lake where watersports can be enjoyed. It is a complete fun-filled spot which never lets anyone forget it.

Splash Island Water Park

From funnel tunnel to splash attack there is literally unlimited enjoyment at this water park. There is no end to this and therefore it is regarded as most visited place of Portage la Prairie. The tourism department of the town also recommends this place due to a number of reasons. Splash Island Water Park is safe for family and children can enjoy without any accident or disturbance. Age here does not matter at all as everyone is invited. The best part is that the swimming times are segregated in such a manner that none of the visitors gets disturbed.

Stride Place

It was formerly known as Portage Credit Union Arena and has been a center for city sports. From ice hockey to musical concerts one has a number of events to choose from. The Stride Center has been divided beautifully and therefore it is regarded as one of the most visited places of Portage la Prairie. Famous ice hockey tournaments, as well as aquatic games tournaments, have taken place here. The venue also has outdoor facilities for the visitors to enjoy. Many internationally renowned films have been shot here.


William Glesby Center

Everyone loves performing arts and this place is worth taking a look in this regard. William Glesby Center is a complete theater as well as a place where one can enjoy with friends and family. There are many performing arts festivals which take place here. It is worth mentioning that the facility combines the local artists to make sure that the culture of Portage la Prairie is presented in a positive manner. The best part is that the entertainment is affordable and therefore anyone can visit.