Top tips and history of Fort La Reine Museum

The history of Canada or to be precise Manitoba is not complete without Fort La Reine Museum. Established in 1738 this is actually a series of forts which were established by Pierre Gaultier. It is one of the best sites which one needs to visit for sure. There are many points of attractions near it which simply makes this place worth visiting. The overall expansion of the area was also done in at the same time it was made. Pierre Gaultier is known as the first army general from Canada. However, it is worth mentioning that Fort La Reine Museum is not the actual Fort La Reine which was established in the medieval era. It is actually a replica which has been established by Manitoba government to attract visitors. Before taking a visit to this place it is advised to keep in view some tips which are mentioned as under:

Always remember that it is time-consuming

If you want to visit the place from a historical perspective then it is advised never to visit this place with family. It is because families are always in a rush and therefore the trip cannot be enjoyed completely. There are some original pieces of art which are also placed here. It means that there is endless exploration which can be done. Visiting this museum alone always increase chances of some new things which are not highlighted during rush visits.

If you are a group tour – read this

It is a general perception that group tours are also treated in the same way as individuals are. The fact of the matter is that it is not the case. Group tours at Fort La Reine Museum are through appointment for which they need to communicate with the administration beforehand. This policy is never violated by the museum. It is therefore always advised to visit the place in form of tour only if a prior appointment has been taken. If you are 6 or more then you are deemed as a group by the admins.

It has all the Canadian history

People consider Fort La Reine Museum as a single point of interest. It is not the case, however. The place consists of 25 buildings which consist of all the important artifacts one can think of. From oldest fire truck to artifacts belonging to city municipality are here. It not only makes the overall visit attractive but allows people to explore this area more. It is also regarded as one of the busiest tourist spots of Manitoba. People from all over Canada and the world come here to explore. It can also be regarded as a historical hub of the province.

Fort La Reine Museum is a place worth visiting and therefore it is highly regarded among the historians of the world. From troops patrolling to keeping an eye on vast terrain, everything can be seen here. For group tours, the tourists need to call 204-837-3259. The complete address of this place is 2652 Saskatchewan Avenue E., Portage La Prairie, MB R1N 3Z9, Canada.