Tourism in Portage la Prairie

If there is any Canadian town which should be visited completely and should not be left until fully explored then it is Portage la Prairie. This small town has been well maintained by its citizens and therefore it is regarded as one of the best places in Manitoba. The points of interest are great and there is well-elaborated history which can be seen in general. Each and every attraction of this place speaks for itself and therefore Canadians as well as people from all over the world visit this place if they get to know it. Tourism in Portage la Prairie is all about the attractions here. Some of these are:

Portage and District Arts Centre

The art lovers can visit this place as it is the only hall in town which hosts frequent events. From music to dance there is not even a single art event which is not covered. The overall theme of Portage and District Arts Centre is to make sure that people get what they come for i.e. entertainment. Another important aspect of this awesome place is the fact that it also holds art classes for the aspiring artists. With a nominal fee and huge opportunities, Portage and District Art Centre is a place worth exploring.

City Hall

It is a tourist attraction without which the tour to Portage la Prairie is never complete. The large doors and well-used steps show that care and devotion have been put into the making of this awesome place. The best part is that the own commission holds most of the meetings here so it is well maintained and open for public. For families, City Hall is a boon as there is a lot to explore. The town administration and planning is also conducted from this venue which also makes it important. One might find service a bit shaky but it is not an issue when there is such a beautiful building in front.

Miscellaneous venues

From shopping center to outdoor activities Portage la Prairie is a town which is full of fun. The most important place for shopping is Heritage shopping center which should be visited if there is urgency. There are many other places which are around Portage la Prairie and are worth visiting. Portage la Prairie can be regarded as the most natural place of Manitoba and it is all because of the maintenance of the town. There are many tea rooms at Portage la Prairie which can be visited in case the tourists get tired. The Saskatchewan River is also close by and can be visited for further area exploration.


The town of Portage la Prairie has a lot to offer and it depends upon the planning and the number of days. If the town has been explored then the suburbs should then be visited. The choice, as well as the number of venues, also increases if suburbs are visited. Hudson Bay, Prince Albert, Regina, and Saskatoon are some of the places nearby which are worth visiting.